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audiodrops replied to your post:i’m losing followers for not being monolingual….


you’ve got your biblical hebrew, your talmudic hebrew, your medieval hebrew, your modern hebrew, and your lunar hebrew.

I’m not offended, but it comes as no surprise to see patrilineals left out of “all Jews are real Jews” type posts. Never mind that our supposed non-Jewishness is used as pretext to marginalize both ourselves and our families in the Jewish community in the name of “preserving our people” or “maintaining the continuity of Jewish life.”

Purity politics are an inherently uncompassionate game. People play them to avoid responsibility for the suffering of others while at the same time appearing morally superior for their callousness. Purity politics are therefore anathema to the study of history. History must be studied with compassion. Without compassion one reads history with one eye shut, flattening both the world that was and the world that is.


god. it’s like they only ever read half of the story. harvey milk was deeply closeted, deeply concerned with appearing straight and respectable to his colleagues. a math major. served in the navy. worked on wall street while volunteering for the goldwater campaign. and maybe in some lesser, unkind universe, he continued down this soul-destroying path of self-denial. maybe he settled down and married a woman and had a kid or two and died of old age.

but he walked away from it. all of it. came out of the closet and left every semblance of safety to live openly and run for office explicitly to promote the rights of his community. his neighbours. he was a beacon of hope for the gay community, obviously, but there are other folks he helped that you don’t hear about. san francisco’s labour unions. the bay area’s asian-american communities. the city’s underpaid contract workers. his first priorities were constantly and consistently the establishment’s last priorities. and he did all of this while living openly as a gay man, fucking demanding respect, weathering pervasive death threats. do i even need to remind you how his life ended? how his death echoed throughout the gay community? what he inspired?

you don’t get to do this. you don’t get to freeze him in this moment in time, in the closet, and accuse him of retrogressive republicanism when he literally spend the latter half of his life fighting who he had been and the social forces that had made him that way. you don’t get to ignore who he was and what he did and what he stood for. shame.

I’ve always found it curious how many people will apply political purity tests to historical figures. To play political purity games with people that quite literally cannot change is not only incredibly quixotic, but to entirely miss the point of why we study history. 

sodiumlamps replied to your post “Preview does not play nicely with very large PDFs.”

what’s it do? (and how large of a pdf are you dealing with?)

it just gets incredibly sluggish – everything else that’s running too. what i mean by large pdf is anything north of 20 mb and 250 pages. i even have a few in the 200-500 mb range pushing 1000 pages (trying to scroll to a new page with these documents can be a serious pain).

Preview does not play nicely with very large PDFs.

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