Salt Dragon

The people still clinging to Occupy are… unique. It is an amusing irony that it has essentially become a street vendor “brand.”

Union Square is a fucking trainwreck today. Anti-Israel protesters (with pictures of dead children), Occupy remnants (selling “9/11 was an inside job” posters), the usual Hare Krishnas and a cohort of Christian proselytizers waving “Jesus will save you if you repent” signs (at the Hare Krishna dancers and musicians).

I have 0 sympathy for Lev Tahor.

I just watched a few of Chris Cunningham’s other music videos because I was curious to see how typical his All is Full of Love video is of his work, and let me tell ya, he’s a fucking creep.

The cultural baggage surrounding androids is really interesting (often horrifying) – particularly in that it says quite a bit about how those with power use or desire to use the bodies and labor of those without, and only incidentally has anything to do with humanoid robots. This is hardly a fresh insight, but it is interesting to see the tensions in the figure of the android worked out in pop music, in places such as the music video of Björk’s All is Full of Love (dir. Chris Cunningham, 1999; I think it is telling that, with minor changes to avoid legal trouble, Cunningham’s Björk-bot has become the mascot of Svedka Vodka) and in Janelle Monáe’s more recent Cindi Mayweather persona.

Janelle Monáe, Cold WarThe Archandroid, 2010

The call to robot revolution looks strikingly like Life on Mars? 

Queen, '39, A Night at the Opera, 1975

When did rock music stop being about the complications of space exploration at speeds approaching c? Now all we get are pathetic Picklebacks and Lincoln Parks singing about whatever it is they sing about that isn’t space exploration.

I’m tired of schlepping and we haven’t even Schlepped yet.

me: have we listened to all the queen?
fox-teeth: do you want to listen to something else?
me: we could listen to bowie.
fox-teeth: bowie's too sexy for packing.
know your mem