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what happened to truth and beauty and why are they named such things anyway

Wikipedia answers all questions:

The quark flavors were given their names for a number of reasons. The up and down quarks are named after the up and down components of isospin, which they carry. Strange quarks were given their name because they were discovered to be components of the strange particles discovered in cosmic rays years before the quark model was proposed; these particles were deemed “strange” because they had unusually long lifetimes. Glashow, who coproposed charm quark with Bjorken, is quoted as saying, “We called our construct the ‘charmed quark’, for we were fascinated and pleased by the symmetry it brought to the subnuclear world.” The names “bottom” and “top”, coined by Harari, were chosen because they are “logical partners for up and down quarks”. In the past, bottom and top quarks were sometimes referred to as “beauty” and “truth” respectively, but these names have somewhat fallen out of use. While “truth” never did catch on, accelerator complexes devoted to massive production of bottom quarks are sometimes called “beauty factories”.

I have also heard that part of the reasoning behind quark naming and their division into “flavours” is to emphasize how abstract our understanding of them is.

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yep. baryons, like protons and neutrons, are the hadrons that hang out in threes, and mesons are made of 2 quarks (1 quark & 1 antiquark). mesons are unstable.

This is why I shouldn’t be asked to help with physics homework, I forget about the mesons. Now, anon, you know even more about quarks.

Just a word of advice, I am probably not who you want to come to for help with your physics homework.

What are quarks?

Quarks are the elementary particles which compose hadrons. They like to hang out in groups of three. They come in six flavours: up, down, top, bottom, strange and charm. Quark and cork are homonyms. Now you know all about quarks.

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Franz Kafka’s Residence (1889-1896), Prague. 

During Kafka’s early childhood, his family lived in a 17th-century house – called the House of the Minute (Minuta) with beautiful Italian Renaissance-style sgraffito frescos on biblical and classical themes – located to the left of the Old Town Hall. From this house, little Franz, accompanied by the family’s Czech cook, walked to the elementary school that Kafka described years later as “horror.”


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