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Dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals and SS guards collected millions of dollars in U.S. Social Security benefits after being forced out of the United States, an Associated Press investigation has found.

The payments, underwritten by American taxpayers, flowed through a legal loophole that gave the U.S. Justice Department leverage to persuade Nazi suspects to leave the U.S. If they agreed to go, or simply fled before deportation, they could keep their Social Security, according to interviews and internal U.S. government records.

Among those receiving benefits were armed SS troops who guarded the network of Nazi concentration and death camps; a rocket scientist who used slave laborers to advance his research in the Third Reich; and a Nazi collaborator who engineered the arrest and execution of thousands of Jews in Poland.

they are still paying Social Security to at least five of these motherfuckers

Fuck this country.

I made these really great apple dumplings with a honey sauce for rosh hashanah a couple years ago. I think this might be a prime candidate for sweet knaidlach experimentation. One would embed peeled and cored apples (in turn stuffed with butter, brown sugar and spices – maybe cinnamon) in a matzo meal admixture, and then place them in a casserole dish. They would then be practically immersed in honey sauce, and shoved in the oven to bake.

The result would probably give the average person a heart attack, but it could be worth it.

I would like to experiment with matzo balls. I think some interesting results could be had with stuffed matzo balls, or perhaps with sweet instead of savory matzo balls (maybe something like apple dumplings).

I just found a Nazi brony (yes, a Nazi brony) deflecting an anon telling them that Hitler was a bad role model because he sexually abused his niece by saying “Nice hasbara you got there, Yitzhak.”

Burn this fucking website to the ground. Burn this fucking planet to the ground. I’m leaving for the moon.

"The West" lol I like how he has to label everything because besides being a hateful shit he’s just really really stupid and talentless

Contemporary political cartoonists are the absolute worst, they can barely draw and they cover everything with labels. Latuff is hardly unique in being offensive in this respect.

The left doesn't hate Jews. Some of the left's criticism of Israel's unforgivable cruelty towards Palestinians is boosted by vile old antisemitic undercurrents, but more common across the whole left spectrum is a strong and rightful caution about criticising Israel / zionism, for fear of being thought of as an antisemite. Not "people are too scared to speak for being called racist", but "the left finds it hard to understand why israel became a fascist state intent on genocide".

You are looking at a left very different from the one I see. I don’t know who you are, so I’ll be generous: you have an incredibly naive outlook. I could go into detail about why I disagree with you, but that’s an enormous portion of my blog and I don’t want to waste my time explaining why I and so many other Jews I know are alienated from gentile leftists despite being leftists themselves. I will add that antisemitism masquerading as anti-Zionism is only a fraction of the left’s antisemitism problem. I will also add that antisemitism masquerading as anti-Zionism is no small problem, no “undercurrent,” when it leads to fire-bombings of synagogues across Europe, as it did this past summer.

Do not mistake my criticism of the left for disdain for the left. Broadly speaking I do not think the left stands for Jews, but I still think it has a great deal of value. The analytical and practical tools thinkers and activists from across the left have given us are useful, even if many of the people who use them do not see our value. I am critical of the left because it deserves criticism.

The right does not rise to criticism, it deserves only contempt.

I call bullshit on your premise. I call straw man. The left doesn’t hate Jews. 1] the left isn’t monolithic and 2] people don’t hate “Jews,” they hate what Israel is doing to the indigenous population

That’s an interesting perspective you have. I disagree. After everything I have seen or observed to be absent since this past April outside of the explicitly Jewish left, I am inclined to think that I will always disagree. In this capacity the gentile left is a monolith (or practically so), and while many gentiles justifiably hate what Israel is doing to Palestinians, many also consciously or unconsciously hide antisemitism behind anti-Zionism.