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But it is far worse for the committed liberal Jew to abandon his/her principles for the sake of unity. It is time to cease according undeserved respect to those who wait an extra decade or century before bowing to the inevitability of historical evolution.

It is time, because the gravity of the stakes involved in the debate is too great to forgive inaction. There are Jews who will be lost if we insist on adhering inflexibly to halakhic precedent. To do so is to assume that the Jewish tradition lacks the vitality to adapt to the revolutionary social changes which we now confront. Countless thousands of Jews, ripe for return, wait to see if the Jewish community has the courage, wisdom, and sensitivity that our ancestors applied time and time again when they faced revolutionary changes in Jewish circumstances. We are accustomed to crediting them with the remarkable survival of our tradition; time will tell if we are worthy successors.
Rabbi Jacob J. Staub, “A Reconstructionist View on Patrilineal Descent,” in the Winter 1985 issue of Judaism  (via baruchobramowitz)
Don't you think "Petition to replace all goyim with friendly animals" is offensive? What if there was a petition to replace all Jews will fluffy bunnies? Would that be okay?


l m a o  get the fuck out of here with your goyishe tears

when y’all stop fucking firebombing synagogues i’ll stop wanting to replace you with friendly animals. if you can magically undo the last several thousand years of violent antisemitism then i might start giving a shit about your hurt goyishe feelings.


the national guard is headed to ferguson

fox-teeth is giving me the angriest look rn.

bad puns.

i do not bleat. i tell puns in a normal voice.

What other phrases/terms do I lean too hard on?

I have got to stop writing “it is worth noting.” It’s just a sophisticated-sounding way of saying “I looked at this and think you should too.” It’s my “problematic,” tbh.

Birbs enjoying a dust bath in Union Square.


saltdragon answered: I think it pretty clearly refers to treating them as a generic homonculus/magical construct independent of their role in jewish folklore.

Okay, and how exactly do you do that? Don’t all mythical creatures come from some culture? I don’t see how this is like goyim getting Hebrew tattoos of the tetragrammaton or wearing Magen Davids.

i don’t mean to say that it is the same as getting the tetragrammaton tattoo or a magen david necklace. my point is that there is a set of conventions which accompany the golem in jewish storytelling that are not applied by gentile writers. some of the specifically jewish conventions are the creation by a rabbi, the emet/met markings on the forehead/tongue, use to protect the jewish quarter. when these conventions are divested from the golem it becomes just another magical construct, except slightly more exotic sounding. i believe this is what is being referred to when people complain that gentile writers “treat golems like a generic fantasy creature,” as you put it.

It’s just insulting to say “antisemitism is alive and well, but this is not antisemitism” without providing a supporting argument. Lazy, too.